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Customized content includes: special stamping products, round wire products, multiple strip machine, LED bracket products, ultra-thin tape products, the machine can be installed on the right side of the punch.

In order to improve the core technology of the product, we pursue high-performance high-end clip feeders with high product stability and high pertinence, and purchased professional precision parts testing equipment such as three-dimensional and CNC machining centers. High-precision CNC machining and supporting external DMG five-axis machining equipment, introducing the technology of high-speed clamp-type CNC feeders from Japan and the United States, absorbing the essence of feeders in the high-precision stamping industry, combined with our company's valuable experience accumulated in the feeder industry for many years Now, there are more than ten national patented technologies. In recent years, it has successively launched a variety of humanized and convenient products. The products developed and put on the market by the company have filled many domestic technology gaps and won the majority of users. Unanimously praised.

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